About Us


Born from the initiative of Paolo Fiuzzi in the early 90s, with the vision of a company that could meet the needs of a market which required work that only the laser could guarantee. The evolution was rapid and PRETALASER invested in technology, securing the best that could guarantee undisputed quality and production volumes. Laser cutting, cartesian, engraving and marking on leather uppers, soles, eventually extending its activity to the marking on metals. The precision was not enough, and the entrepreneurial genius combined with a technical sagacity made sure that all the processes were cleaned with dry systems, a necessary condition not to alter the aesthetic and functional qualities of leather. Specialized also in the application of accessories, PRETALASER works proposing its own style by cooperating with companies which take on this difficult task. Studs, rhinestones, hand-applied metal inserts guarantee a product that fully meets the high standards of established brands which have always put their unconditional trust in PRETALASER.